Presidential Search

To Robert Parkinson, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

21 August 2015

Dear Chairman Parkinson:

The Loyola Lakeside AAUP chapter urges that the presidential search committee announced this week include more than one member of the university’s faculty.

A university’s reputation and its excellence in education depend primarily on its faculty. The three goals of Loyola’s new strategic plan—“deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in Chicago”; “deliver a high-quality professional education that is characterized by innovation, ethics, service, and leadership”; and “create an institutional culture devoted to public service and research”—depend on the research, teaching, and service of the faculty.

Faculty are not just one of several groups of university “stakeholders,” each deserving equal representation on the search committee. With due respect to students, who are the beneficiaries of our commitment, and to staff, who support our work, our unique role is to execute and help to oversee the university’s core mission: teaching. Our part in university governance has a long tradition, but, more than that, it is crucial for effective decision making.

Because of this, AAUP best practices for presidential searches ( call for partnership between the board of trustees and the faculty in structuring the search committee and defining its charge. The trustees should not act alone to create the search committee.

Under the heading “Committee Composition,” the AAUP guidelines further state as follows:

Representatives from the board already and faculty as well as representatives of other institutional constituencies commonly serve on joint search committees. Because faculty play a significant role, their representation on the committee should not be limited to a single member. The precise number is dependent on the size of the committee but should reflect the primacy of faculty concern in determining presidential leadership.

Although Professor David Embrick, who serves as vice president of our AAUP chapter, is a fine representative, he does not by himself constitute adequate representation of the Loyola faculty on the presidential search committee. The committee that brought Fr. Garanzini to the university had three faculty members, not one.

We urgently request that you reconsider the composition of the committee so that it includes at least two, or preferably three members from the faculty. This would bring more of the wisdom, experience, and intimate working knowledge of the university inherent in its faculty to bear on the search committee’s important task.


David Chinitz

Professor of English

President, Loyola Lakeside AAUP

David G. Embrick, Associate Professor of Sociology, Vice President

Alanah Fitch, Professor of Chemistry, Past President

David Ingram, Professor of Philosophy, Treasurer

Suzanne Kaufman, Associate Professor of History, Membership Chair

Devorah Schoenfeld, Associate Professor of Theology, Secretary

Pamela Caughie, Professor of English, Appeals Advocate

Thomas Tobin, SJ, Professor of Theology

Pamela Osenkowski, Advanced Lecturer in Biology

Paige Warren, Instructor of English

Lisa Davidson, Graduate Instructor in Education

Justin Hastings, Graduate Instructor in Education English

Kasey Henricks, Graduate Student in Sociology, Webmaster